Minggu, 24 April 2016

O Tano Batak

I bet the first word you just realized from the title is the "Batak" word. Yup, this time, I'll tell you about a traditional song from Batak named "O Tano Batak".
I don't have any Batak blood, so how did i know this song?
Well, it started when my angklung group, 40  Days in Europe would learn a traditional song for our preparation concert and also for our preparation to have festivals in Europe. We would learn "Medley Batak". Medley batak contains O Tano Batak, Butet, Sigulempong, and Siksik si Batu Manikam. Before we practiced the song on the next day, we were ordered to hear the song from midi. Then, I heard it.
I somehow surprised when this song was so calming and describing its feeling so much.This will bring everyone into the song. My conductor said, that this song describe about "missing feeling" to the land of Batak. Well, I also think so.
We tried to play that song, and everyone were like get into it.
And, this is the lyric:

O Tano Batak,HaholonganHu
(O Tanah Batak,KesayanganKu)
Sai na Masihol do Au tu Ho
(Selalu Rindu Aku padaMu)
Dang olo modom dang nop MatakKu
(Tidak mau Tidur tidak bisa terpejam MataKu)]
Sai namalungun do Au
(Aku selalu Rindu)
Sai naeng tu Ho
(Selalu ingin Pulang ke Tanah Batak)

Molo dung Binsar mataniAri
(Jika sudah Terbit Mata Hari)
Lao manondangi Hauma I
(Untuk Menerangi Ladang,Sawah itu)
Godang do Ngolu siganup Ari
(Banyak Kehidupan setiap Hari)
Mambahen masihol do Au
(Membuat Aku Rindu)
Sai naeng tu Ho
(Selalu ingin Pulang ke Tanah Batak)
O Tano Batak,Andigan Sahat
(O Tanahk Batak,Kapan ada Waktui)
DapothonoHu Tano Hagodangan Hi
(Akan pergi Aku  ke Tanah yang Banyak itu)
O Tano Batak sai Naeng Hutatap
(O Tanah Batak,Selalu ingin Ku tatap)
Au on naeng Mian di Ho
(Aku sangat ingin MelihatMu)
Sambulon Hi
(O Tanah AsalKu)
Kembali ke Molo dung Binsar Mataniari,,, 
sumber: http://berandabatak.blogspot.com/2013/11/lirik-dan-arti-lagu-o-tano-batak.html
See? from the lyric we can notice that this song have so much meaning, especially to the Batak tribe itself.
I hope from this writing we can have more information about traditional song and start to bring out our lovely tradition again.
I think that's all for now, thank you about your time reading this article, and see you! 

Rabu, 10 Februari 2016


Sadida Nur Fatimah (32)

What is the first thing that come in your mind when you hear the words “Indonesia”? Well, for me, it is “messed but beautiful”. Let’s look around our environment. We can see many homeless people walk in road and ask for money. We can see trash everywhere. What I mean by everywhere is, everywhere. At road, parks, restaurants, even at recreation places. We must feel the taste of pollution every day. There are jam every where, don’t you think that our country is so “messed”?
But we also can see the beautifulness of Indonesia. Do you know that Indonesia has many amazing places over the country? like Raja Ampat in Papua, Kuta Beach in Bali, Komodo Island in Nusa Tenggara Timur, and so on. These show you that Indonesia is such an amazing country with problems hide those beautifulness.
Do you ever think, what are the cause of our country’s problems? Now, let’s take a deep look. Based on a test did for students age 15 at global schools over the world, Indonesia is at 69 from 76 countries tested for the education.  It is a pity, right? That Indonesia has so many sources but doesn’t have proper education so it also can’t be developed properly. If the sources are being neglected, then the economical development will also messed. If the economical development don’t work goodly, there will be many homeless people, or the big percentage of labour’s export. There will be also criminalities, slums, and the explosion amount of human in this beloved country. The rich people will still be it, so does the poor people. It gives so many effect for life.
What does school do that it can influence almost all of the aspect in our life, in our country’s life? School, beside of giving knowledge and any other academical things, it also build our character to face the real life in the future.  It teaches us how to que properly, how to think wisely for facing problems, not to take an instant way for anything. It teaches us everything. It is like the second home for every students in the world.
However, add the word “should” after “it” at the description above for the true meaning of school at this time.  You can see now the reality of our education. These moments, school only push for academical things.  Many school has so many students because of the human explosion and the students then being neglected. The teacher, just give tasks and then signed it without even look deeply at it, making students easily look at their friends for answer, what we called by “nyontek”. This is NOT even build CHARACTER! So many empty class during lesson time making students don’t come to school. Now, we all know what is the main cause of all the problems in our country.
So now, what is the solution for the education?
Well, as a government, I think they should change the education system in this developing country. What matter now is MORAL, for then, the second is academy. What is the point when students get 100 but don't have any good attitude? Maybe they should start from the bottom, like kindergarten, so the attitude would be built since they child.
For me and for us as a student, we can change things start from ourselves and our surrounding.  As a good student with a good attitude, we must influence our surrounding with the good also, and not being influenced. Spread the smile and shine yourself by your attitude!
I think that's all from me, thank you for your time reading this writing and see you then! ^^

Rabu, 20 Januari 2016


I spent my last first term holiday with my friends at ‘Tim Film 40 Days in Europe’. We had a camp at Rancaupas on Saturday, January 9th 2016 until Monday, January 10th 2016. We went to Rancaupas by truck at 07.00 a.m. and arrived at 10.00 a.m. We felt so happy and excited about this event we called “Camping Ceria 40 Days”. We didn’t know anything at the moment. Anything. We were surprised when we saw our producer, Kang Maul was already on the spot. We were ordered by Kang Maul to make lines by group. I was at group two and I was the leader so i took position at the front. We were even more surprised when we knew that this was not the true meaning of “Camping Ceria”. This was not even “Camping Ceria”, this was “Camping Ceurik Ya” (at the end we called it like that, haha). All of our foods and beverages were taken, so did our electronic devices. We were left just with our mineral water and our clothes. We were  given three main rules :
1.       Don’t littering
2.       Always On-Time
3.       Don’t talk with your friends unless it was ordered to
The situation which was firstly felt so fun, suddenly became tense. We were ordered to build a tent in 20 minutes, and must get back in perfect line right after  that 20 minutes. We were ordered to do this and that in one minute, and it really  was exactly one minute. But all of this was not happen for no reason. Kang Maul had his own plan for us. We were sun burned for really a long time (almost all the day) to learn something really important for our journey to Europe, fighting spirit. The spirit that taught us to do something 100 percent always. The spirit taught us that nothing is impossible if we have willing to do it. And this camp prove that we really could do anything.
At noon, we were ordered to search some money for our dinner. If we didn’t get it, it meant we didn’t have anything for dinner. We worked hard for it. We washed dishes, We cleaned mushola and some places, for some money. We came back to basecamp at 15.15 a.m. and We were ordered to buy foods for dinner at a place we didn’t know. We had to search for the place by ourselves without talking to each other. We came back to the basecamp at 17.00 a.m. When the sun set, our producer and his team gave us Maghrib break to do pray and make fire. After break, we stood surrounding the fire and we were evaluated again. We were taught about fighting spirit, commitment, solidarity, and integrity, those four things were the most important thing that we learned from the camp at Rancaupas. The night became colder and we sat really close to each other. We were permitted  to cook our dinner at approximately 20.30 p.m. and ate it until 21.15 p.m. After that we sat back close to each other and we were ordered to share our story about things we sacrificed to join this team, 40 Days in Europe. The stories really touched me and made me thought that I hadn’t sacrifice anything for 40 Days. Actually, I had. I sacrificed something for this 40 Days. But i didn’t think that it was as hard as my team did. I learned something that there were always sacrifice for everything you do.
While we were sharing our story, 5 people from our team came to the camp. They came about 2.00 a.m. because they had they own priority before. Then, we were evaluated again. Kang Maul said that our journey to Europe is not just a game. It's TRUE, and we would face it soonly. We were being waked up back then. After a long  evaluation, we were ordered to write a letter for the future us at Zakopane, Polandia. What an amazing feeling i had.
Soon, Adzan Shubuh was heard by us. This is my first record for not sleeping with so many activities need so much energy. We hugged each other and made a promise that we would be in Zakopane, soon.
This was my priceless and memorable holiday in my life. :)

Selasa, 29 Desember 2015

It's Sport Time! (2)

Hello, friends! here we are with sport topic again. on Friday and Saturday, my taekwondo unit joined a taekwondo championship in Subang named Subang Taekwondo School Championship 2015. This competition was held for West Java region. This surely was a memorable championship for me, one of the most exciting moment i ever had.
At Friday, December 25th 2015 our team left Bandung in a small group with some cars. We needed about 2 hours to arrive at the hotel, and then got our roommates to stay in the hotel for a day. We rested for a short time and must leave the hotel to do weighing for tomorrow's event. I was at under 46 kg class, when at that time i was still around 47 kg, and i must reduce my weight for more than a kg. I checked mine at their weight scale and it showed 47,8 kg. what? i was sure that i was 47.4 kg in Bandung, and i didn't eat anything. with my triple clothes, i ran surrounding a yard for many times in 32 degrees celsius and the sun was on the top. after that, our coach called us who still overweight, and brought us in a car without AC and the machine on, right at the bottom of the sun. We were dried in the sun for one hour, and it felt like i almost lost my consciousness because of dehidration. But it was really amazing! i lost my weight 1.5 kg in just one hour. For you who gonna lose your weight instantly, maybe you could try this method (but i really do not recommend it to you) XD i checked again and now i could join the competition.
Saturday, December 26th 2015. Shortly, it's my turn at area C number 51. I didn't realize at the first that my opponent was an athlete. I got to know her name, Sarah. She was so beautiful with white skin and friendly face. our fight begin. she played so good and i lost at my second round, with the score 20-12. not bad for fighting an athlete. i even surprised after the round that my coach said she was an athlete that studied in an athlete's school too XD
i learned many things from her, that i must keep practicing and practicing so i could get my gold medals someday, and to never step back when we already stepped our foot ahead.

Jumat, 04 Desember 2015

Crossword puzzle

Hi, friends! wanna try our crossword puzzle? ^^
well actually this is not a hard crossword puzzle like in the newspaper or something similar with that. But i promise you this is also not a very easy crossword puzzle for kids ^^ I made this with my friend Difa Habiba Rahman, you can check her blog by clicking this link :
Now, let's try it out!


5. The transferring of phosphoryl group from a donor to the recipient molecule.
8. The opposite of dry.
12. Being alone
10. A defeat or reverse; loss; setback.
11. Franz Ferdinand died in the beginning of World ___ I.
14. A proton is composed of two up ______.
What is this?
Question 17

18. An obnoxious person, thing, condition, etc.
20. A cheerleader ______ her basketball team.
21. Get ___! It's raining outside.
22. To clear, disencumber, or free of something objectionable. This is usually followed by of.
23. Payment or fee exacted by certain state.


1. Huge; enormous.
2. Occupation
3. Why don't you play as the king? You ___ the role.
4. You're skinny, not ___!
5. Ailuropoda melanoleuca
6. You're so amazing! I'm really ______.
7. I'd like to ______ you to my birthday party. Please come!
9. Three minus one equals to ___.

What is this?
Question 12

13. Be quiet, please! You're making too much _____.
14. A king's wife is often called as a _____.
15. The biggest classification in taxonomy system.
16. You are my beloved friend. You are my ____ friend.

Senin, 16 November 2015

Senin, 16 November 2015
Flashmob di ruang tunggu Stasiun Kereta Api Kebon Kawung bersama Pak Ahmad Heryawan, Gubernur Jawa Barat sebelum kepergiannya ke luar kota.
Selamat Hari Angklung Sedunia! Ayo kita dukung film 40 Days in Europe di https://ktbs.in/pdwmq

My School Life

Well, if it is about my school life, i have so much experiences to share! :D
And now i would like to share some of my experiences about my school life.
 I really like a place in my school named "Taman Anggrek". It is such a beautiful place with a calm aura that would calm my mind whenever i got stressed about lessons and any other things. I like doing many things there, such as eating my meal, studying for test, having a chat with my friends, and so on. There is a fish pond that is surrounded with ceramic bench formed letter "L", and beside the bench there is orchid garden mixed with another herb plantations so it's called "Taman Anggrek". Every morning, the garden was always watered and i came at time when i can see the plants became so fresh ^^
Another place in my school that i like is the library. The library at the morning is the best place i know. It is so empty and so clean that i can keep focus to study ^^
most of my school life i spent in my own class, SESAT (SEpuluh SATu) X IPA 1 ^^ i really love my class, almost all aspect about it. i love the situation, i love my friends, i  love all aspect of it ^^ i usually came to school at 6 in the morning and doing some stuffs until 6.30, and then i usually lead my friends to read Al-Quran in front of class, and i study with my friends until the end of classes ^^
well, i think that is i can tell about my school life ^^